Success Stories

Shop owners rely on us to provide exceptional advertising solutions and reliable customer service. We are constantly working to exceed their expectations and deliver the most quality leads possible. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.

All Regions

I don't know what you guys are doing over there to make my phones ring like you do but you can keep doin' it. We're in October and my parking lot is full. We're stupid busy —literally booking out until January.

Guy Rayner, Owner Palafox Imports Pensacola, FL
Featured Makes: Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche
October 22, 2021

We're 90% referral but you're the only place that we advertise. Just because we're on the busiest street in the city doesn't mean everyone knows about us because there are always new people moving into town. We think it makes a lot of sense to have a Featured Listing with BimmerShops.

Mark Dikeos, Owner Pacific Motorsports Portland, OR
Featured Makes: BMW, Mini Cooper
September 1, 2021

I was one of those doubters and Keith reached out to me. He told me there was a 60-day money-back guarantee so I figured why not? It's definitely been a big hit. We're making a killing because of you!

Jose Muy, Owner BMA Specialists Deer Park, NY
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
August 13, 2021

You guys are a good investment. I attribute a good amount of my success to you.

Roland Temple, Owner Mrtazzy Import Car Specialist Milton, ON
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Volvo, Volkswagen
August 13, 2021

We can definitely see the difference the Featured Listings have made in our business. Thank you guys so much.

Nazar Ukrayinchuk, Owner European Garage Schaumburg, IL
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
August 9, 2021

I hear your name getting thrown around, it's great. I love you guys. You guys are legit. Every once in a while when I'm not even trying, BimmerShops comes up and it's always good for me and that's how you know it's real and that's why it's awesome.

Bruno Parrotta, Owner Parrotta's Auto Service Agawam, MA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo
July 30, 2021

You guys have been awesome, we really appreciate you. We're now building a state-of-the-art 75K sq ft. location and you guys have helped make that possible!

Zach Rahman, Owner Expedited Auto Repair Tulsa, OK
Featured Makes: BMW, Jaguar, Mini Cooper
June 9, 2021

You guys have been our Lifeline, especially through COVID. Sometimes people find us on Yelp and sometimes Google, but always BimmerShops. You guys have been our greatest source of business other than referrals. We appreciate you so much!

Hanna Hovsepian, Owner Team Motometrics Largo, FL
Featured Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen
February 5, 2021

I'm glad that we signed up with ya'll, it has helped us.

Barbie Bennett, Executive VP Operations & Marketing Bennett Motor Werks Dallas, TX
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche
December 4, 2020

The advisor has really noticed the uptick, we're very happy with it.

James Church, Owner Oxford Automotive - Delaware Delaware, OH
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen
November 13, 2020

BimmerShops is the single best thing that has happened to us as a business. It has literally helped build my business by a huge margin. Sometimes, I get two to four calls in the same day!

Blondell Wilson, Owner True Blue Performance Tampa, FL
Featured Makes: BMW, Exotic Makes, Porsche
November 2, 2020

It's been working for us from when I signed up with you on the first day. We're actually to the point of being overwhelmed, so now I've got to look for another mechanic.

Andre Stojanovic, Co-Owner Total German Performance Largo, FL
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche
October 9, 2020

I've been with you guys for 11 years and you're still the only advertising I do.

Mike Solis, Owner Arvada German Garage Arvada, CO
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen
September 22, 2020

I had two calls already this week, I'm very happy with it!

John Thome, Owner Empire Automotive Repair Canton, NC
Featured Make: BMW
September 18, 2020

Your websites are helping us a lot, we really appreciate them! The way you guys spread me out over the 9 different sites has drummed up a lot more business than when we advertised on Yelp's single site.

Stephanie Susman, Advertising Manager Elliott Automotive Services Henderson, NV
March 2, 2020

We're very happy with the value we're getting from the Featured Listing Program! We appreciate how easy you make it to track our results through your online dashboard. We know it's working.

Evan Brodof, Owner Evan's Auto Care Cincinnati, OH
Featured Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Volvo, Volkswagen
May 18, 2020
Niles Todd

If I could leave your organization a review, I would offer only the highest praise. My son signed us up with BimmerShops during our opening just over a year ago. I noticed within the first few months that I was getting one or two new customers or inquiries every month on the free listing. Once I opted into the featured listing, the calls started coming in like crazy. The staff at i85 media has been extremely responsive to all of my needs and very helpful in getting things set up and running smoothly. I truly couldn't ask for any more bang for my advertising buck.

Niles Todd, Owner
Portland Motor Works
Portland, OR
Featured Make: BMW
September 27, 2015

It's been great! There are so many of these online advertising things that you do and don't see any results. It's so refreshing to have something that actually performs well. We've gotten more Audi customers from your site in the last few months than we've had since we opened.

Sean Gordon, Owner Ace Performance Automotive Gilbert, AZ
Featured Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Subaru, Volkswagen
February 28, 2020
Alexander Reuillard

You guys are great! I spend over a thousand dollars a month on marketing and you guys outperform everything I do for fifty-seven dollars a month. I couldn't be happier!

Alexander Reuillard, Owner
Maine Luxury Auto Barn
Biddeford, ME
Featured Make: BMW
October 11, 2019

I get a lot of business from it. It really seems to help!

Bob Mann, Owner Bob Mann Auto ( Dr. Volks ) Pembroke, MA
Featured Make: Volkswagen
May 9, 2019

You've really helped out our business a lot! We're glad we canceled our Yellow Pages ads and went with you. We're very happy with you guys.

Nick Baksh, Advertising Manager Pickering Auto Lab Pickering, ON
Featured Make: BMW
August 29, 2019

It's worth every penny for the premium subscription - it has already paid for itself! I look forward to adding more as our shop expands!

Ahmed Alneama, Owner GMP Automotive Perkins, OK
Featured Make: BMW
December 6, 2019

You know what I really appreciate about you guys is that you haven't raised your prices. It's been the same since I first signed up in 2010. I love your service. A lot of people find us through you guys.

Ray Valdez, Owner The Benz Doctor San Mateo, CA
Featured Make: Mercedes-Benz
June 22, 2018

It works! It works from the Mini site to the BMW one and everything in between. We're very happy with you guys.

Tommy Spoljar, Owner Arrowhead Imports Peoria, AZ

BimmerShops works for us. It's one of the marketing tools we know we can depend on to bring us customers month after month.

Patty Cantore, Office Manager Auto Cars Imports Wheeling, IL
December 17, 2018
Keith Taylor

Of all the advertising I've done, yours works the best!

Keith Taylor, Owner
Taylor's Sport-N-Import Service Co
Mooresville, NC
October 25, 2017
Brett Elliott

I am extremely happy with the service. We get a lot of leads from it!

Brett Elliott, Owner
German Autohaus
Chattanooga, TN
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen
January 16, 2017

We don't do any advertising with anyone else. You are the only one we give money to. Honestly, it really works. The results we're getting are phenomenal!

Nathaniel Sumner, Owner European Auto House Mequon, WI
Featured Makes: BMW, Porsche
April 16, 2018

Our advertising with PCarShops is very consistent. Month after month, year after year we know we can count on it to bring us new customers.

Nick Kravig, Advertising Manager Precision Motion Colton, CA
Featured Make: Porsche
May 21, 2019

Of all the advertising we do, BimmerShops generates the most leads.

Matt Harper, Owner Flyin Wrench Motorsports Cartersville, GA
Featured Make: BMW
March 26, 2018
Tom Hendrickson

Our BMW Featured Listing is by far paying for itself 100 fold. Every day we get a call from someone who found us on BimmerShops.

Tom Hendrickson, Managing Partner
EuroEnvy Autowerks
Concord, NC
Featured Makes: BMW, Mini Cooper
June 26, 2013
Guy Mish

In just the last two weeks I can equate $10,000 worth of business from your sites!

Guy Mish, Manager
Wicked Wrench Auto Works
Lutz, FL
June 26, 2013
John Horton

We’ve been getting customers steady from you guys. It works great!

John Horton, Owner
EuroWerks Automotive
Deerfield Beach, FL
June 14, 2013
Jordan Weinde

I want to thank you for all you send us. I am so happy with it. I don't know what your secret is but I always see your sites at the top of the search results and I check daily.

Jordan Weinde, Owner
Bay Diagnostic
Brooklyn, NY
Featured Makes: BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche
October 23, 2014

One of the customers you sent us more than paid for the whole year of advertising.

Pete, Owner
Euro Spec Motoring
Los Angeles, CA
October 12, 2013

When I went to open up my second location one, of the first things I thought of was advertising it on BimmerShops, because it was so successful for my first location. When I first began advertising on BimmerShops two years ago, my BMW car count doubled within the first 90 days!

Rick, Owner
Foreign Exchange
Moraine, OH
March 22, 2013

It’s been working out really good, really good. I'm so happy! It's working amazing! People have been telling me that they find me through you. I’ve been having police officers, people from the government, and private investigators. Somebody came from 24 miles away in Westin! Dude, I’m so happy!

Ariel, Owner
Krankenwagen European Car Specialist
Hialeah, FL
April 25, 2012

You’re my number one producer right now. It sure surprised me! I don’t know how you got that site set up but it’s getting a helluva lotta hits! I’ve even gone onto the BimmerTech group and told them what was up. I’m dealing with some good data here, not just I feel like this is what’s happening, I know!

Dave, Owner
Memphis Motor Werks
Cordova, TN
Featured Make: BMW
June 7, 2012
Rick McCain

The BimmerShops has really helped me some, it really has.

Rick McCain, Owner
Greenspring Valley Automotive
Owings Mills, MD
May 25, 2012

I will say that we get a fair number of clients from and I really find it valuable!

Brian, Partner
Avalon Motorsports
Denver, CO
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen
May 25, 2012

We get a lot of calls from you guys! It’s a remarkable service that you guys offer!

Dustie, Partner
Escondido German Auto Center
Escondido, CA
June 29, 2012

We are very very happy with the results of all the listings. You guys are great!

Antonio, Marketing Coordinator
Prestige Auto Tech
Miami, FL

My Service Manager regularly tells me that you’re one of our biggest contributors!

Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche
February 7, 2013
Evan Brodof

BimmerShops has really been a bonus to our business. We’ve doubled our Euro business in the last last year!

Evan Brodof, Owner
Evan's Auto Care
Cincinnati, OH
Featured Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Volvo, Volkswagen
April 9, 2013
Scott Whitney

I’m thrilled with the Featured Listing! It works awesome for me!

Scott Whitney, Owner
Whitney Motor Werkes
New Boston, NH
May 17, 2013
Martin Lopez Da Cunha

I like it a lot. I get a lot of business from you guys.

Martin Lopez Da Cunha, Owner
West Palm Beach, FL
Featured Makes: BMW, Mini Cooper
May 30, 2013
Niko Pikios

This is a great value on what we're getting and I want you to know that. Most people charge outrageous rates for advertising and you guys don't and I really appreciate that.

Niko Pikios, Owner
Midtown Autoworks
Sacramento, CA
Featured Makes: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche
December 6, 2013
Brian England

We only signed up the other day and we've had 2 or 3 people come in already!

Brian England, Owner
BA Auto Care
Columbia, MD
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Volvo, Volkswagen
February 12, 2014
Jonathan Hoffner

Thanks so much, it's really been working for us. A lot of people who wouldn't otherwise find us have been finding us through BimmerShops and we've been closing the deals.

Jonathan Hoffner, Operations Manager
Union Line Garage
Pennington, NJ
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen
October 31, 2013
Hal Epstein

I don't know how you figured it out but your system works really well. People are calling and the quality of customers we're getting from you is really high. We're very happy with the results. You guys are doing a fantastic job for us.

Hal Epstein, Owner
Bavarian Performance Specialists
Thousand Oaks, CA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen
October 11, 2013
Alan Beech

I'm really happy with the ROI I'm getting from you.

Alan Beech, Owner
Beech Motorworks
Hamilton, ON
August 27, 2014
David Bluestein

You seriously are the absolute BEST vendor I do business with......That says a lot! I love the just shooting you a quick email and everything always gets done super fast and super accurate. Thank you!

David Bluestein, Owner
Foreign Motorcars
Quincy, MA
Featured Make: BMW
January 27, 2014
Matthew Conover

Your sites have been nothing short of a Godsend for us! We get a lot of traffic. What a great tool to connect drivers to specialized European shops.

Matthew Conover, Co-Owner
MD Motorwerke
Somerdale, NJ
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper
February 1, 2016
Brian Bowden

BimmerShops is the top referrer to us and that has been very helpful for us. I also appreciate how easy it is to reach you by phone. That's a rarity these days.

Brian Bowden, Advertising Manager
Red Ball Euro Car
Fort Collins, CO
September 24, 2013
Jonathan Mestayer

It's working awesome! I'm very happy! I just opened up about a month and a half ago and if it wasn't for your help I'd be breaking windows in the streets! I get 4 or 5 phone calls a day and at least one car comes in!

Jonathan Mestayer, Owner
European Auto Motors
Doral, FL

I went from a 4,000 square foot building to a 30,000 square foot building because of your website! I have 85 reviews now on your site. I'm so glad that you called me. It was a miracle, seriously, I want to thank you!

Mohamad Hamze, Owner Cars Unlimited Auto Repair Dearborn, MI
Featured Make: BMW
January 24, 2017

I'm happy with the service. I like what you've done, it tells me where it's coming from with the call tracking. It makes my life a lot easier.

Snehal Shah, Owner Auto Techies Fremont, CA
June 14, 2013

I am so glad I signed up with Andy for his website promoting services and I feel it is one of the best decision I made. I had to hire two new techs to catch up with the workload.

Matthew, Owner Autobahn Imports Eugene, OR
Featured Make: BMW
January 27, 2010

Just wanted to thank you guys, got my second customer from Best investment I have ever made.

Freddy, Owner Accel Motorwerks Dallas Dallas, TX
Featured Make: BMW
January 7, 2011

I can totally tell that your website works the best of any that I’ve ever used, and believe me, I’ve tried them all!

Kevin, Owner Inland Mercedes Service & Repair Riverside, CA
June 20, 2012

BimmerShops has definitely increased our BMW business, we're getting a lot of new BMW customers from it.

Mike Mashkovich, Service Writer Import Motors Schaumburg, IL
October 18, 2013

I have a lot of [advertising] people who call me and I tell them that with your site I get a better response than with anyone else. We got like 20 some odd new customers last month. It’s been huge! I paid 600 for 6 months with the Chamber of Commerce and got absolutely nothing.

Mitchell, Owner Jag Repairs Pompano Beach, FL
July 26, 2012

I’ve always been happy with the service it’s done really well for us.

Johana Saad, Manager Techstar European Car Masters Temecula, CA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen
March 18, 2013

I almost feel bad because I feel like I owe you guys some money. 90% of my customers come from your site! You have no idea how many people find me through your site because of your high Google rankings.

Jason Munoz, Owner Bavarian Auto Repair San Antonio, TX
October 4, 2013

I'm so glad I signed up!

Corey Doell, Owner Norlang Auto Langley, BC
January 31, 2014

I really appreciate you guys, my shop is doing so great. It improved a lot and I'm glad I listened to you.

Mohamad Hamze, Owner Cars Unlimited Auto Repair Dearborn, MI
Featured Make: BMW
October 24, 2014

I just called to thank you because I’m so happy! As a new shop, I needed a great response quickly and I’m getting it. Thank you so much!

Haroy Singh, Owner AR Motorworks Upland, CA
August 12, 2013

Your directories are my single best source of new clients.

Bob Kopperman, Owner Paul's Motor Car Service Pittsburgh, PA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Volvo, Volkswagen
July 11, 2014

The results we've been getting from BimmerShops are awesome.

Imran Khan, Owner IKonic Auto Garage - The BMW Specialists North Hollywood, CA
Featured Makes: BMW, Mini Cooper
July 17, 2014

People are definitely finding us through you guys, so it's good stuff.

Tracy Ray, CEO Eastern Autowerks Norfolk, VA
Featured Makes: BMW, Mini Cooper
October 16, 2014

The sites we're on are working really well. It's helping people to find us.

Michael Langer, Advertising Manager Premier Eurocars Devon, PA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Porsche
February 4, 2015

Within 60 days of signing up for our Featured Listings my manager called me and said "oh my goodness I can't tell you how awesome it is to have quality customers coming through the door." Since then our average ticket sales have almost doubled.

Robbie Kirkland, Marketing Media & Public Relations Director Aspen Import Auto Clinic - Centennial Centennial, CO
Featured Makes: Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen
February 27, 2015

We are very pleased with your service. Looks like I'm getting more bang for my buck from you than with anybody else!

Ken Luikart , Owner Foreign Auto Clinic Waco, TX
Featured Makes: BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen
March 11, 2015

I'm very pleased with the service, you guys are doing an awesome job for us as always.

Brian Dix, Owner Brian's Motor Works Woodstock, GA
Featured Make: BMW
May 19, 2015

It's awesome, we are getting BMWs and Mercedes all the time!

Patty Marzocchi , Owner Marzocchi Imports Gilbert, AZ
Featured Makes: BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche
May 28, 2015

We know it works because people tell us they found us on your sites. You have good exposure on search results and that helps a lot. It's been a good partnership.

Michael Langer, Marketing Director Premier Eurocars Devon, PA
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Porsche
June 5, 2015

We get a lot of customers from you guys and we really appreciate it.

Jim Hughes, General Manager Concierge Auto Repair Spring, TX
June 24, 2015

Your website is killer! I get a lot of customers from that thing.

Mitchell Levine, Owner Jag Repairs Pompano Beach, FL
June 29, 2015

You guys have really helped to get our name out there!

Frank Cupelli, Owner Cupelli Automotive Lake Worth, FL
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper
November 16, 2015

I am very pleased with the response we're getting from our advertising with you.

Joann Carlos, Manager Coopers Bimmers & Benz San Antonio, TX
February 12, 2016

Your sites are driving good quality phone calls and those calls are turning in to customers so we're happy.

Brent Diefenbacher, Marketing Director McDermott Motors Tirecraft Toronto, ON
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Volvo, Volkswagen
March 16, 2016

I've had good success with your sites helping me grow my business.

Ralph Rivera , Owner European Import Repair Chester, NY
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper
April 27, 2016

BimmerShops is working great, you guys are the best.

Thomas Valentino, Owner Wicked Wrench Auto Works Lutz, FL
June 27, 2016

I've had great success with my listing.

Jose Muy, Owner BMA Specialists Deer Park, NY
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
October 3, 2016

I'm very, very satisfied with the service. Our Featured Listings are performing great!

Razvan Constantin, Owner Briskers Foreign Car Repair Gretna, LA

BimmerShops is freaking amazing! It's working great for us!

Joe Jreige, Owner/Master Technician Joe's Auto Service Leicester, MA
Featured Makes: BMW, Exotic Makes, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche
October 24, 2016

It really helps us a lot. A lot of people call every month. We're very happy.

Sindy Munoz, Advertising Manager Euro Motors Orlando, FL
November 2, 2016

You have created such a great platform for shop owners. I appreciate your simple but very innovative ideas. I am giving 10 stars!

Saumil V., Owner Desi Auto Care Stratford, NJ

Within two weeks we got two lawyers and a doctor. We're really getting high-end customers, which is what we wanted. Thank you so much!

Tonya Benson, President Cornerstone Auto Service Belpre, OH
Featured Makes: BMW, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Volvo, Volkswagen
December 20, 2016

I am very pleased with you guys. Good, honest business people to deal with. Great customer support.

Giovanni Franco, Owner Amazing Automotive Service & Repair Rockaway, NJ
Featured Make: BMW
January 27, 2017

I'm pleased with the results you get for those premium listings - the results for BMW and Mercedes are excellent.

Scott Foster, President FT Auto Garland, TX
February 17, 2017

I get 55% of my work through the sites!

Brett Elliott, Owner German Autohaus Chattanooga, TN
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen
April 28, 2017

Everything has been top-notch. We're more than happy with what you're doing for us.

Joe Horak, Owner Flitzen Factory Richfield, OH
June 7, 2017

I'm getting back tenfold what I pay with the BMW Featured Listing! I did the math and each call is averaging a $1500-$1,750 sale. I really appreciate what you guys do, it's great for the BMW community.

Shawn Welk, Owner Bavarian Rennsport European Auto Repair Jacksonville, FL
Featured Make: BMW
October 4, 2017

We usually get 60% or 70 % of the leads coming into the shop!

Zach, Owner Expedited Auto Repair Tulsa, OK
Featured Makes: BMW, Jaguar, Mini Cooper
October 18, 2017

BimmerShops is #1 when it comes to the advertising we’re doing. Y’all are beating everybody!

Joey Brack, Owner Select European Auto Athens, GA
November 2, 2017

The BimmerShops sites bring in a great deal of business, they really do!

Mike Emery, Owner Perfection Auto Works Tucson, AZ
Featured Makes: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Saab, Volvo, Volkswagen
April 2, 2018

This marketing tool is worth every penny. At first we were hesitant and Keith convinced us to stay a little longer. IT WORKS! We have now added more cars. Thank you BimmerShops for all your support and help.

Mary Angel Padron, Owner Auto Center- Mercedes Benz & BMW Repair Specialist Hialeah, FL
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
May 4, 2018

I like your service. We definitely get customers from it.

Antonello Martone, Owner Foreign Tech Ossining, NY
Featured Makes: BMW, Mercedes-Benz
August 29, 2019

I do appreciate all that you have done for me throughout the years. Your system does work and literally was the only advertising costs I had. Well worth it.

Curtis Messer, Former Owner Messer Motoren Werke Kennewick, WA
April 22, 2020

Interested in becoming our next success story? Contact Keith at (323) 655-1110 to find out more about our Featured Listing program.